Our Beliefs

Grace Presbyterian Church is a part of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

Our Purpose

Grace Presbyterian exists to reach people for Christ and to equip them to serve.  We intend to accomplish this purpose by proclaiming the gospel – you are far more broken than you thought, but Christ is far more gracious and able to heal than you could dare to hope.

Our Core Beliefs


We believe that a right understanding of these core beliefs is essential for Christian life and ministry.

 Scripture: The Bible is God’s word and is reliable, understandable, authoritative, and sufficient. The written word of God is intended to point us to Jesus Christ.

Justification:  God declares me to be in right standing with Him by crediting the record of Jesus to my account. I receive this right standing through faith alone in Jesus Christ.

Sanctification: Sanctification, or Christian growth, is a process. And it’s messy.   Growth doesn’t come as quickly as we would like. And isn’t always in a straight line. But by God’s grace, as we abide in Christ, practicing daily faith and repentance, we are made more and more like Jesus.

Our Goals

Goals are the external fruit we believe will be produced in our church as we proclaim and apply our core beliefs. We hope, by God’s grace, to be a church that loves God, loves our neighbor, and loves Spartanburg.

Our Core Values

Core values are the values that shape the way we as Grace Presbyterian Church uniquely peruse our purpose and goals. They shape how we do worship, life, and ministry.

Gospel Shaped

At Grace, the gospel is not something we just believe once and then put on the shelf. Instead, we believe that the gospel continues to change us throughout our lives. The Father’s free acceptance of us in Christ shapes how we think about everything.


We want to take the time to build relationships and community with one another, but we also want to take the time to build relationships and community with people who don’t look at the world the same way we do. We value shared meals over shared programs.



We believe that the Christian life is lived not in the mountaintop experiences but in the ordinary things that God calls us to do everyday: walking the dog, washing the car, playing with our children, sharing a meal, praying, laughing, singing, crying. Day to day stuff.  In fact, we believe that the most radical thing many of us will do is believe the gospel, love our families, and do our jobs well. And that’s a glorious thing.  Everyday life is where we learn, grow, and live out our faith.

Authentic Relationships

Often churches don’t feel like safe places to be honest about your doubts and struggles. Who hasn’t felt the need, when asked, to say, “I’m fine.” At Grace, we don’t pretend to be “fine.” We have messy lives, and we need a great Savior. We know that we have been made right with God  – through the work of this Savior – not through our own work. This frees us to take off the masks we’ve been wearing and to be honest about who we really are.  And oddly enough, owning up to the broken places in our lives is actually where Jesus begins to heal us.

Accessible Worship

We hope that our worship is rooted yet relevant. We want to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us while realizing that it is 2017 not 1517.  We gather weekly and, as we worship, we explain what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We want our worship service to be understandable both to those with lots of church in their background and to those who have never been. Our dress is more on the casual end, but wear what you like. Your presence is what matters to us.

University Presence

We want to be a church that ministers to the many university students in the Spartanburg area.  One way we do that is by supporting the work of RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) at Wofford.