At Grace Presbyterian, two of our core values are Everydayness and Neighboring. Why are these so important to us? Tim Chester, in his book, Everyday Church, says:

“At the heart of our vision is not a new way of doing events but the creation of Word-centered gospel communities in which people are sharing life with one another and with unbelievers, seeking to bless their neighborhoods, “gospeling” one another and sharing the good news with unbelievers.. The context for this gospel-centered community and mission is not events, but ordinary, everyday life.”

“Programs are what we create when Christians are not doing what they are supposed to do in everyday life. Because we are not pastoring one another in everyday life, we create accountability groups. Because we are not sharing the gospel in everyday life, we create guest services. Because we are not joining social groups to witness to Jesus, we create our own church social groups. Please do not misunderstand. We are not against meetings or events or programs. The regular meeting of the church around God’s word is vital for the health of everything else. This is where God’s people are prepared for work’s of service. But the works of service take place in the context of everyday life.”

Not a Facebook event. Won’t show up in the Sunday bulletin. Ordinary. Everyday. Loving Jesus. Loving your Neighbor. Loving Spartanburg.

Who are you sharing life with?

Grace and Peace,