Blessing, Community, and Depression

With the recent death of legendary comedian Robin Williams, depression and suicide have been on everyone’s mind. And I know that I risk oversimplifying a complicated issue, but Christians should remember that, in the gospel, we have a way to fight back against depression. The gospel tells us that while yes, we are sinful, broken, and hurting people living in a sinful, broken, and hurting world – we are loved and treasured by our Father. He has chosen to bless us in spite of our sin. And He has called us to go and bless others. We are loved. Our lives do matter, and we do have a purpose – to bless the people God has placed around us with the gifts God has given us. One has to wonder whether Robin Williams finally got so caught up in his own funk (as we all have) that in a tragic moment he forgot how much joy and laughter he has brought into the lives of others.

Today, if you’re fighting depression, discouragement, or a sense of purposelessness – remind yourself that you have been blessed by God so that you can go and bless others. You’ve been uniquely gifted to bless others in a way that no one else can. Don’t lose sight of that – and don’t lose sight of Jesus who loves you. Maybe if you and I spent a little more time staring at Him and a little more time looking at the people he has called us to bless – we’d be a little less likely to get caught up in our own funk.

Depression wants to isolate you – don’t let it. Find a group of people where you can love and be loved. At Grace, community groups are a great place to love and be loved, to bless and be blessed. You should join one. You don’t have to be alone.